write down what is on your mind

not to get rid of your thoughts

well, maybe to get rid of the annoying ones

but also to keep what you don’t want to forget


the good stuff, the bad stuff

there is a place for everything 

on a blank page


to surface the thoughts that usually hide in meaninglessness


the flow of writing takes you to new places

new ideas, new people and encounters 



knowing that the page does not judge is liberating

it invites you to get a sense of who you are at the moment


you can change any moment

style, appearance, character

you are free


your spine starts wiggling out of joy, and mischief

Your fingers get itchy and want more

Dare to fly on a paper plane


the page doesn’t own you

you own the page

You are the creator



If you want to write as an embodied practice, join me for the upcoming series of writing classes “im schreibFLOW” that start September 18th. 


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