How has your week been so far? It’s Thursday already. And for many of us it’s a short week because Monday was a holiday. Isn’t it strange somehow, thinking in weeks?

Being in this special stay-at-home situation due to the Coronavirus I have started investigating how I structure my weeks. And I have a new word for a ritual that I have established in the past few years for me: ‘gap days’. I’ve been using a ‘gap day ’ in the week for reconnecting and intention-setting.

What has been on my mind is how our week is usually structured and influenced by cultural norms like workweeks from Monday through Friday, office hours etc and also the places and people that are connected to them. 

As those structures have in an outwardly visible way disappeared, it is a possibility to question them and find our own individual way of creating our own structures so that they suit us better. 

 Thinking in weeks, is an artificial break in the stream of time. Yet, it can be useful and significant if we use this structure for our own well-being and tailoring it to our needs and wishes. 

 I have for many years used Sundays as my ‘gap days’. The days where I didn’t make plans, where I did things just out of joy. It has been a day mostly dedicated to reconnecting with myself (and thus the world) so I ‘know’ from a full-body sense what my direction is and my focus. 

Sundays have been the days that I use for reflection, intention setting etc. Sometimes I choose my intention because of my insights and learnings from the previous weeks, sometimes I draw an intention card to give me a focus and special glasses to put on for a week and explore life from a particular angle.

I call it the ‘gap’ day is because where I grew up, you start the week with Monday. (I know in some places it starts on Sundays, depending on the culture you grow up in.) 

So, I’m using this  day that still belongs to the previous week, to complete, digest what has happened so I am – as much as possible – in a place of integrity and presence to sense what my intention for the coming week is. 

 I do like the period of a week, it’s not too long to get lost or forget about my intention. And a week is a long enough period to practice my ability to stay focused. 

Do you have a ‘gap’ day? Which day of the week is it? 

Or do you have ‘gap’ moments that you use for recalibration more regularly?

If you don’t have them yet, when would be a good time for a check-in with yourself?


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