This is the last part of the Spring cleaning.

Today I want to invite you to not look for elephants and the big issues and blocks that we are mostly busy with.

When I do a Spring clean in the house, I mostly attempt to tackle the big and important pieces first:

  • cleaning the windows (or eyes, week 1),
  • putting order in the mental wardrobe (decluttering the mind, week 2),
  • moving on to the things that are important but you’ve put off as long as possible (emotions – week 3).

What you’re left with is the easy bit: you still need to dust the corners. 


In physical terms, it means giving attention and movement to body parts that are usually not in your awareness.

Mostly, what draws our attention is areas that are tense and that we use a lot (think the shoulder-neck area). 


The invitation for the week

Choose body areas that you hardly think of: your fingers, wrist or elbow, your ankle, the toes, the knees or the sole of your feet.


Every day, take one minute of your time and move this body part.

It’s the process of creating conscious movement where you’ve accumulated dust over time.

This sets energy free in a light-hearted way.


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