Now that most of us are staying home, it might actually be beneficial to not only use the time to do a proper spring cleaning of our homes, but also to do inner work that supports us in dealing with the current global developments, stress and emotional overwhelm.

Last week’s practice contained an unexpected insight.

Generally, I’d say that I am a thinker and learner. And with last week’s focus, I did my practice of clearing my thoughts… but it wasn’t juicy. It wasn’t bringing me a lot of fresh energy and drive.

Clearing my thoughts wasn’t really what I needed. 

What I noticed in the process was that at the moment, it’s not so much my thoughts that are holding me back. I realized that – at the moment – it’s more vague and light moods or emotions that I can’t put a finger on that are capturing part of my attention and energy. It’s like having computer programs on in the background. I don’t have the app open and work with it, but it’s a background noise that eats up some of my energy. Physically, I noticed a slight sense of unease in moments. Somewhere in my belly, more on the right hand side. Something stuck but not solid. A nervousness. 

So thanks to the writing practice, I noticed that there was actually something else going on that I can explore.

So I adjusted my practice: I dropped the original plan and moved to more movement with music. As this was better fulfilling my intention of an inner cleanse.


And this is what I want to share with you and invite you to practice this week:

Intivtation for the Week:
Wiggling out of an emotion

Or Moving out of an emotion or mood into more presence and agency

(I also made a little video how to do this, but I need a bit more time to get it ready and online. You’ll find it here on YouTube in the next couple of days.)

So, for now: you can follow the written instruction:

  • Before you start: choose a song that you like that puts you in a good mood.
  • Pick an emotion or mood you’ve had in the last couple of days that you felt you got stuck on. 
  • Take a moment to remember the situation, this also wakes up your body memory.
  • Do a quick body scan and choose an area where most of your attention is trapped. (That’s the treasure chest you want to tap into as you move on.)
  • Put on the song.
  • For the first 20-30 seconds, start moving the body area that you chose.
  • Then, let your movement expand into the rest of the body. 
  • Dare to let yourself be moved by the body rather then your mind telling you how you should move. 
  • Enjoy!
  • Afterwards: find a new position to be and come to rest. 
  • Bring your attention to the space around you. 
  • You can check again, if this emotion or mood is still there. Or what you want to do with the re-gained energy.

And now, go play!


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