I’ve been thinking of justice in the context of bodywork and embodied self-awareness. And what came up was this questions:

How you can create a more just distribution of attention and energy for yourself, in your body?


Very often, in the creative process we get very absorbed on a mental level and we forget to stay grounded, take a deep breath or move.

This sometimes lets me feel as if I had a big, heavy melon head and the rest of my body disappears and seems less important. I also feel it less. 

There is a simple embodied practice that supports you in grounding and calming the mind.

Lift your heels and let them drop on the ground. Eyes are looking defocused and straight ahead at eye level. Shoulders and hand are relaxed. 

  1. Lift your heels and let them drop on the ground.


  2. Your eyes are defocused and you look straight ahead at eye level. 
  3. Your shoulders and hands are relaxed.

  4. Continue for 5 minutes.

This movement can create a nice and gentle flow in the spine and allows you to make minimum effort while becoming more physical and grounded.

It supports you in getting out of your head by distributing your attention and energy from your heels to the head.


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