The summer season is full of life and energy. Everything is growing and expanding. The sun is at its most intense. It’s an inviting time to also show yourself, experiment and move. 

It’s a great time for outdoor activities and enjoying what life has to offer. 

The streets are bustling. Here in Vienna there’s an endless offer of leisure activities: open-air cinema, dance festivals, going swimming in the Danube, cycling instead of taking public transport. 


Summer is calling.

A calling to feel the vitality and strength in my body.

Do you hear it too?

Full of vim and vigor

To be able to enjoy being active, it’s good to have supple muscles. And judging from my own experience and many years of working with people, most of us have muscles that are chronically tensed. There is too much effort stuck in them.

I have chosen to focus on strengthening my legs and low back over the summer. So, I’ve adjusted my morning routine accordingly. And in my weekly bodywork session, I said to my colleague that it would be great to get some work on the leg muscles and some fiery energy. She was working with oil so she could go deep into the muscles and tissue.

If I had to use one word to describe this session, it would be an ‘energizer.’ Such a session has a quality of fierly joy and brings a lot of energy into the body while you don’t have to actively do anything (excpet for paying attention and allowing what is, of course). It is an opportunity for you to let go of chronically held tension in the muscles.


By releasing tension, the body regains energy for other things


Directly after the session it felt as if I was walking differently. I felt more solid and light at the same time. Moving and doing things was smooth and fun. The days after this deep-muscle relaxation session were easy and productive.

Learning to expand with energy instead of trying to control it

A session for the muscles and tissue is also an opportunity to have an experience of being able to contain more energy in a more flowy and connected state. Learning to expanding with energy instead of trying to control it or contracting out of habit is a great skill for moments when, for instance, your body brings stress as an extra boost of energy to deal with a difficult situation.

My resume: I want more of this!


What can you do to get to a state of ease in activity?

There’s things you can do yourself:

  • You can do short embodied practices (again with a focus and intention) in between to strengthen your body awareness. If it’s to gain strength, something like jumping jacks or squats might also do the trick. Choose a practice that you know works for your purpose.
  • You can use oil to massage your muscles. 
  • You can remember to pay attention to your body (ideally you choose a focus area for some time) in everyday life situations.

And then there’s the part where you can support You can get:

  • a bodywork session
  • coaching
  • a massage
  • go to a class of yoga, pilates, Feldenkrais or
  • dance

For you to get the most out of any self-care commitments, your intention and the attention with which you are engaging in them are key.

I wish you an enjoyable summer day!


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