As we’ve had the first heat waves of the summer and water plays a vital element in staying refreshed, cool and mentally sane, I thought I’d share one day out of the Moments of Presence program with you. 

Before you get to it, I’d like to share what Moments of Presence is and how it came to be:

In the summer of 2017, while on a walk I had the idea for a Summer of Presence. Instead of looking  at what’s wrong or problematic in my life, I wished for reminders and inspirations to help build my resources and focus on what I want in my life.

They should be enjoyable, playful and help build body and self-awareness. The goal is to be in the present moment.

And Moments of Presence is what came out of it. It is a 30-day online program where you receive a daily email with an inspirational illustration and a short text inviting you to join a practice or contemplation to bring you into the present moment. 

I made illustrations, thought of ideas of simple practices that only take a couple of minutes and help healthy habit building.

Recently, the project got a few tweaks. the categories were adapted, a few practices were updated or exchanged, and … it got a new  colorful and dotty design. 

Here is one day for you to play with:

Welcome to Day

Touching water

Water makes up a big part of your body. It is vital for your survival. There are probably many moments in your day when you touch water.

We take a shower, wash our hands or rinse the dishes.

We drink water, we water our plants.

How often are you paying attention to this element while you engage with it?

This presence practice is to pay tribute to water. Take a moment today when you are in touch with water. And really be in touch with the water.


PS: A cheat day, right? You have moments in your life when you touch water anyways, no need to make extra time.  Are you getting the hang of this presence thing?!

If you have enjoyed it and want more, you can get the 30-day program here. It’s a fun way to add special moments to your summer.