Moments of Presence

30 days, 30 practices and inspiration for presence in daily life

What’s waiting for you?

Every day you will receive an email with brief presence practices or inspirations.

This 30-day program is a fun invitation of adding more moments of awareness to your day and to help you bild a habit of checking in with how you are.

The intention for making this program was one of ease and playfulness.

What kind of daily practices will you get?

Being present is a choice.

The ways how to get there are manifold. I draw from a wide range of attention and awareness-raising tools that boost energy level and strengthen human qualities like relaxation, joy, clarity, perseverance,  that make life worth living.

For Moments of Presence, I share some of the practices I use in the work with my clients.

They are especially designed for bringing presence in a fun and playful way into your daily life.

There are four categories. These include:

Embodied Practices

Exercises done with the intention of boosting your presence, energy level & awareness.

The Emotional Compass

Checking in with your emotions and using them as a guide to be able to navigate through life with more ease and purpose.


It’s so fundamental to being alive that it deserves it’s own category even if they are also an embodied practice. Breathing connects body and mind.


Inspirations with a prompt to make it your own and integrate an aspect of it in your own way in your own life.

Your investment

Moments of Presence is available at a small amount per day.

The 30-day program is available for €29,90.

Taking this money into your hands alone doesn’t get you what you want. At least not when it has to do with presence.

To make it real for you, you will have to invest some more.


And to make sure you don’t spend money without any benefit, I want to point out that you’ll also be investing your time, energy and attention.

The daily practices are designed to be easy to integrate into your life.

They require 1-5 minutes to do. But you’ll also have to read the email and get the instructions.

So expect that you’ll invest about 7-10 minutes every day to make the most of your summer.

A small investment with great potential. 😉
I believe in your potential!

Ready to have more Moments of Presence?

Or if you want all the practices at once, you can buy the e-book here for €9,90.