Moments of Presence eBook




30 inspirations and embodied practices to bring more presence to your daily life

This eBook includes all the practices of the 30-day online program Moments of Presence. You have immediate access to all practices at once.

There are several ways how you can use it:

  • You can use a 30-sided die and roll the die – whatever the number is the number of the practice you look up and do in the e-book.
  • Choose a random number and go for the practice.
  • And there’s always the option of doing it in order from Moment #1 to Moment #30. That might be nice if you just purchased it and are not familiar with the practices yet. You can only read to the page with the practice for the day and keep a surprise for the next day.
  • Read the entire e-book and pick the practice you like the best on that day.


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