The books you see in the picture are the currents ones I’m reading. Some of them were added after browsing one of my favorite book stores during the holidays. Even a bit of fiction has snug into my book pile (not a common feat over the last years).

I get a lot of inspiration out of books. They help me understand myself, other people and the world more. This is true for fiction as much as non-fiction. But ultimately, it’s not just for understanding from a mind-only perspective.

Reading nourishes my body wisdom.

Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me doubt and question my opinions and attitudes. Reading body-nerd stuff is an opportunity to gain more depth in the understanding of how the body works and why it’s so beautifully magical and practical at the same time. Reading and thinking always has an impact.

I want to share a quote from “The Knowledge Illustion” by Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach with you that addresses just that: the purpose of thinking.
Why do we think? What is though for?

I love the brilliant and curious minds out there that produce this kind of literature. Minds that don’t use the mind for mind’s sake, but to create change in the world.
When thinking is done just to prove one’s position or to be right, no real communication can happen. No exchange. No sense of community. No resulting action.
Maybe this kind of thinking is missing the point.


What should we think about (more)?


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