It’s fascinating how much the body teaches us about having a good life. Doing something with ease has a particular elegance to it. And realizing that this is when you are at your natural best, is a delight and a gift. It shows you what kind of state you want to work in.
You will also become more aware of the moments when you have lost this state. Your body’s memory of this beautiful and flow-y state gives you the possiblity to remember. You can wake it up again.

When you start being more aware of your body and how it affects your thinking, doing and emotional being it becomes not an effort to find your natural, healthy and easy way of being. You become a seeker of it. Because it’s the moment when you’re fully yourself. With all your abilities at hand. Doing and thinking is effortless and serves your own and the community’s good. It allows you to contribute, appreciate and be appreciated. Life is easy and in flow.

So why is it that we make so much unnecessary effort? I don’t know. I just now…

We’re all making too much effort.
I catch myself I don’t know how many times a day making too much effort, trying hard to achieve something faster than I can. At the moment it’s about gaining clarity regarding new ideas. I’m excited about the idea, but can’t act yet, because I still need a solid basis for them. I’m in the process of digesting and integration, you could say. So in moments of impatience, whenever I manage to let go, I also feel, these ideas need time to settle and I need to give them time for form into something more concrete. I know it’s not an unclarity that I create, I feel it’s a movement of settling and absorbing the new. It’s not the most comfortable state for myself, but it’s my reality.
If you know your kind of efforts, you’re already a step ahead. E.g.
  • trying hard to please others,
  • trying to not make a mistake,
  • trying to be perfect, to look perfect,
  • trying to get more done than your colleagues to prove your worth,…
Know your triggers and extra efforts, offers you the opportunity to let go of them. You can start identifying the moments when you get caught in this trap and check in with your body, breathe and see what efforts, literally and physically you are making in this moment and let go as best you can.
Identifying your blind spots and showing you quick and effective ways of checking in with your body to get back to your natural alignment on all levels, is what I’m good at and what comes easy to me.

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