In the world of mechanics, there are rules. More makes more. Faster is faster. Bigger is better.
The machine is running longer, and it produces more pieces. You create a faster way of doing the process, you will be able to produce more. 

The body is effective in a very unmechanical way. A magical way.
The only thing we have to do is learn again how to listen to the body.

The body works in a very different and complex system that we don’t fully understand (yet). Scientists are finding out small pieces, but we’re far away from understanding how we tick and how to use it for good. Our own, and every one elses. Also the planet.

So when it comes to being effective as a body – a person – listen to your body. You might not know what it’s up to, but you can be sure it’s giving you signs all along (what I call body language) what it needs to function perfectly.

When do you need rest?
When do you need a good conversation?
Or some off-time wandering around aimlessly in the city?

You might not know what it’s good for, but your body knows. 

What is your body telling you right now? (Share if you wish in the comments.)


PS: In this talk (towards the end), Eylam describes really well with the example of an emotion that the body doesn’t work according to mechanical laws. The more you push it away, the further away it gets. For an emotion it’s the opposite: the


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