A practical experiment

This is not a rehearsal, nor a getting-lost-in-your-thoughts game and not dreaming either. It is an invitation to see for youself what happens if you let go of your personal “what if’s”.

What, if…

  • I didn’t constantly feel I needed to know the solution to the problem?

  • I wouldn’t check in the supermarket if I really by ethically correct and healthy foods?

  • I would let go of the idea of having to be perfect?

  • I would not have a plan what to do for a day?

  • I wouldn’t mind what I believe are other people’s opinions of me?

  • I stopped feeling bad for not getting all of my to-do’s done?

  • I stopped thinking how great I would feel if I only lost that 5 pounds?

  • I let go of complaining about things I cannot change?

  • I would admit that I don’t know what I want right now?

  • I missed a deadline once?

Many people who come to me for sessions, have realised that they no longer want to act, think or feel in a certain way, because it doesn’t get them where they want to be. “But what should I do instead?” I hear their repeating question ringing in my ears. I cannot answer this question. But I can go on a journey of discovery with them to explore what happens when they actually let go. I do not know what will happen. But from my personal experience and my experience as a practitioner I can say that it it often different from what you would expect and rarely the opposite of what you have done before.

Are you ready to dare letting go?

I am curious to hear from you what happened after letting go. Something, anything?
Feel free to share this and what you made of it.

Letting go of you what if's


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