There are two essential moments in a process that I meet with clients that play a role in the use of a person’s resources and that reflects the current point of view. They are crucial because each of them is at the beginning of a new phase of transformation. It is a moment of decision-making.

#1 The moment you decide enough is enough


This moment usually happens before I meet my clients. They decide that it’s time for a change. And if this is a change process that they want support and guidance in, they might knock on my door. In the first session we together describe and frame the current situation and my client gets to choose again if he or she wants to take the next step.

They have already taken some steps until I meet them: they looked for options how to create the change they want, maybe tried a few methods or strategies. They made the appointment, they chose to invest time and money in this transformation.

Frequently, the decision to enter stage-one in the transformation process comes out of an experience of scarcity: there is not enough energy, too much stress, lack of health or motivation.


From my professional perspective, the first stage involves:

  • letting go of the old and
  • getting to know your body’s individual vocabulary.
  • You build up basic skills of body attention and awareness, breathing, relaxation, silence.


The aim is leave the valley of scarcity to reach a state of neutral or good.

But is good ‘good.’ Or is it just ‘good enough.’


#2 Starting to work from the positive


The moment when you’ve come up from a low and feel normal again is a big relief. You start feeling well and you’re back to your ‘normal self.’ A client might make the following observations:
I no longer feel super stressed and exhausted after the situation we have been working on. It is still not easy, but much better than before. You start noticing new nuances and you can more easily change your behavior in the situation directly. You are gaining new options in being.


Your learning is taking on new dimensions. You are gaining confidence in yourself.

You realize that you can achieve more than you thought possible. And at some point it kicks in, the awareness that you can choose at any time to tap into your strength, clarity or dedication without having to get stuck or anxious before taking action. You no longer need to be in the valley of scarcity to remember your resources. Your life is getting better.

Why do people decide to stop the process at this stage?
Life has just started to appear in a fuller and more colorful way.

I only have a suspicion why people decide to not continue their development at this stage where life keeps getting better. Maybe your mind is considering the current situation is already good or ‘good enough’ and you cannot conceive of what life still has in store for you. Investing time, attention and money in your own growth appears to be a luxury. (Also comparison with others who are worse off might kick in at this stage.)

We are very used to make sacrifices in terms of our own well-being and health for bigger goals. I trust that the bigger goals and the common good are more easily achieved and if we pursue them without those sacrifices.

I think that without starting to conceive and build up your resources and grow from a place that is at least neutral or even good, it is very likely that you will fall back into the old ways. I truly believe that more than anyone of us can imagine is possible. Possibility is real if we stick with it and go for it and dare and continue the journey. I can’t say it is always easy to move with uncertainty, but it has been very rewarding for me.

In any case, It’s up to you. You choose the reality you live in.

I’m happy to support you at any stage of your process if you want someone on your team who provides a professional perspective and tools. Any point in time and dot on the journey can be the one you decide to work from the positive.
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