training /ˈtreɪnɪŋ/

Also: practice
Once you got started on the journey to being fully yourself, body and mind, there are several ways how you can practice and implement in daily life what you have learned.

Exercises: they aim at strengthening certain qualities such as silence, flexible muscles, relaxation, clarity of mind, balance.

This is relevant. But it’s not the first choice for everyone. You have to find what works for you.

Training in the real-life situation: e.g. paying attention

Practicing with situations from your life when you take a specific time. E.g. So in the moment when the situation does not occur and no other people are present.
This kind of training is powerful also because you choose to work with it. It is a situation where you are not victim of the circumstances, but you freely choose to master the situation and learn something about your reactions and strengthen the ability to let go and allow for something new to happen.

Writing. In some cases writing about experiences, situations, reflecting on your learnings or working with a questionnaire is a good way to get started, supports you in realizing your potential, seeing where you stand and what you need for the next steps.

I use all of the above with my clients to various degrees and as seems to be the most fitting for my clients. Depending on the person and circumstances, one kind of training might be preferable or easier to integrate into everyday life. In the course of your attention journey, you will probably use all of the above to different degrees.