Have you already said thank you to your body today for doing a great job? Why not?

You can show your gratitude by taking a deep breath and relaxing into how you are right now.

Often, we only become aware of all the innumerable functions the body is carrying out to keep us healthy and well, when something is off or not working. Maybe we catch a cold or get sick. Or we have a little accident. Or maybe we start paying attention to our bodies because we see the people around us are not well.

I’m all for celebrating the body a bit more in daily life.

There’s many ways to thank your body. Move it, shake it. Breathe. Enjoy the sensation of feeling your feet on the ground. Feeding it good food or nourishing it with water.

Whatever your style, feel invited to celebrate your body for the next 30 seconds.

Let’s have a little party!


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