Change and transformation in a person involve the dropping of old and building of new habits. It’s a process of becoming aware of elements that you considered ‘normal’ to realizing you can change them if you pay attention and integrate a new way into your being.

When you’re at the beginning and motivated, it’s often easy to stick to the new plan. The goal is your main focus and a lot of your energy goes into pursuing it.

But in many cases the busyness of everyday life takes over after a while. You’re back in your old default mode. 


Visual anchors can be nice supporters that wake you up and help re-focus when you get caught up with other stuff. They are so easy to make and can be a fun pillar for building new habits and increasing awareness in daily life. The small steps that make up personal progress over time can very rewarding and, in my experience, build confidence in yourself.


Visual anchors are a nice way of setting yourself reminders for whatever you wish. My visual reminders are – surprise, surprise – often related to the body. They help me re-connect with myself – a feeling, a thought or state of being that I want to grow in my life.  

I remind myself to move in a way that I rarely do to improve my flexibility, or to take breaks. But I also put up quotes or ideas that I am pondering and exploring how they show up in my daily life.


Visual anchors can also be helpful reminders to move your body when you get caught up in mindwork. To remember to breathe, to relax certain body parts, to reconnect with yourself and your environment and to feel that your body is more than a brain taxi. Especially if you work sitting or on the computer, visual reminders can be a nice trick to become present and whole again.
Also images or placing some equipment in sight can work as visual anchors. I always have something lying around my living room floor to stretch my feet when getting up.


The novelty of the visual reminders wears off though. After a while you get used to the phrases and places where you put them. To keepthem fresh and effective, be sure to remove them or replace them when they have fulfilled their purpose or you realize you don’t look at them again. I also recommend playing with putting your visual anchors in different places. In terms of anchor life-time, anything between a week and a month works well.

This year, I’m having focus subjects for every month and I chose to keep the reminders up for this period of time. But it’s really up to you to try what works.

Some places where I have put visual reminders:

  • Above the door (see picture) and on various doors (more like mind maps)
  • Under my computer screen – reminders to keep my focus, take breaks for the eyes,…
  • In my wallet, I have an identity yoga card I use to play with ideas I have of myself and how to integrate various aspects.
  • On my toilet wall
  • On the bathroom mirror
  • On the cover of my notebook
  • My Computer desktop image and screen saver

What visual reminders are you using? And for what purpose? Feel free to share in the comments.

I’m happy to hear what your tricks and visual anchors are. I am always looking to expand my repertoire and enjoy when good ideas spread.


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