I am committed to practicing a balanced way of taking in and integrating what I’m taking it.

And I’m not only talking about food or other consumer goods. I am mainly focusing on information – verbal, emotional, physical.

I have been practicing for a good while being attentive to how much information I am feeding myself. And very often I am failing miserably at it, because the book nerd and curious mind in me can’t calm down in their eagerness in wanting to  understand how the world works and what it means to be human.

My awareness for the subject has increased, though. And I am more conscious of my choices and when I’m falling into the trap of not turning off the computer when I’m already too tired to properly watch or listen anymore.

Not taking too much in …

…leaves enough time and space for having my own thoughts about the ideas I absorb. Being less of a consumer, I can ruminate on the things I care about and have my own ideas, collect views and create a version of it that suits and serves my personality. At least for now.


Not taking too much in …

… has the benefit of giving space to listen to what’s coming from within. An insecurity that is nervously fluttering in my upper belly. A sentence that keeps popping into my head. And a soft intuition that lingers and tells me that I’m not really honest with myself.


Not taking too much in …

… opens up time for making things of my own. The people I admire are people who have made things so I can see them, use them, enjoy them, learn from them. I am making things, but a lot of them are sitting half-finished in my closet (or my cloud storage) and haven’t seen the light of day. I spend a lot of time talking about them, because it seems easier than making them. I get caught up by doubts, nervousness and my endless to-do list that asks me to do things that seem important but are not top priority if I ask my heart. I am committed to making things this year.


This is not a New Year’s resolution. It’s an ongoing, daily practice. The beginning of the year is a good moment to share it. If you catch me with too many books in my bag or my eyes looking out for the next-best distraction, feel free to call me on it. I’ll be grateful for reminders.

Is there anything you are committed to practicing this year?


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