The most common list is the to-do list. It’s useful. It saves your brain energy as you don’t need to remember things.


But there are other lists that can also be helpful:


The not-to-do list

if you want to avoid falling into the same trap over and over again, you can make a checklist you can come back to if you want to make sure not to do what you don’t want to be doing.


The how-do-I-want-to-feel-today list

Life is not only about doing and achieving, it’s also about how you feel while you’re doing something. And also how you feel when you are not doing anything, when you are primarily a being.


Putting more than to-do’s on your list is a reminder that you are not merely a getting-things-done machine, but a human being.  

Adding human qualities, feelings and sensations to your list help you  keep your focus and intention on how you want to be. 


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