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Embodied Doorways into the GeneKeys

Tuesday 30 March 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm CEST

March’s theme: Gene Key 61
The gift of INSPIRATION, the shadow of PSYCHOSIS.

About this Event

Embodied Doorways into the Gene Keys

From March 30, I will offer monthly online gatherings to explore individual Gene Keys through embodiment practices and techniques together.

The GeneKeys is a synthesis of world wisdom and that invites you to find your own wisdom by using different doorways to understanding yourself and the world better.

Engaging with such a huge body of wisdom like the Gene Keys can be overwhelming. It is undoubtedly an interesting read, but how do you make it real? Some Gene Keys more than others can be challenging to bring alive in our daily lives.

I’ve been intensively working with the Gene Keys over the past four years (and with Human Design in the preceding years). And I use them as a constant companion and inspiration. I’ve found my way of engaging with them that allows me to use all my embodiment tools I’ve learned over the past decade. And that’s the body of knowledge that I would like to share with you.

My wish is to offer additional embodied practices that nicely connect to the Gene Keys so people who are drawn to the Gene Keys can get fresh ideas and inspirations how to connect them to embodied practices, exercises, breathing techniques etc for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual nourishment in daily life.

In the online gatherings, I will share how I as a bodyworker and body-based coach have been approaching them and made them useful in my life to offer different strategies so you can find your way of easily accessing your body wisdom.

Another reason why I’m offering this series is that some of the shadows can appear daunting and somewhat difficult to let into our lives (like Gene Key 61, psychosis, the one I’ll be kicking this series off with). Who wants to think that they are psychotic? Nobody, I assume. Yet, there’s so much beauty to see and self-empowering body wisdom to gain by daring to pick some ideas that the material offers and bring them to life in your body. I want to offer simple, small and practical doorways to the GeneKeys in the hope that they enrich your experience and trust in finding your own way.

Upcoming topics

March 30 | Psychosis – Inspiration – Sanctity | Gene Key 61

April 27 | Limitation – Realism – Justice | Gene Key 60

May 25 | Superficiality – Self-Assurance – Presence | Gene Key 20

June 29 | Entropy – Freshness – Beauty | Gene Key 1


What to expect

  • The sessions will be 90 minutes and we’ll be meeting on Zoom. (You will receive the access data once you registered.)
  • There will be a short, general introduction to the theme, …
  • …followed by different embodiment practices that bring them alive in your body.
  • Time for feedback and self-reflection after the practices
  • Occasionally some small writing or mind mapping or drawing practice
  • Another vital part will be small break-out sessions where you can share your personal experiences, insights and take-aways in small groups.


How to prepare for the online gathering & embodied exploration

If you’re interested in participating, I assume that you have come across or been engaging with the GeneKeys in some way. Maybe you read the book, did one of the courses or listened to the audio contemplations.

For this online embodied practice lab into the GeneKeys I recommend listening to the audio contemplation if you have it or alternatively read the chapter in The Gene Keys book.

(You can also purchase the 64 Ways audio library or the individual GeneKey for US$3.50.)*

Since we’ll be working with the body (not like in a workout session, but in a way that invites your body awareness to grow), it’s always good to be comfortable. You don’t need to wear yoga pants or your gym outfit, but something that’s comfortable and that you would feel good moving in. We won’t be sitting in front of the screens all the time. Some practices will be standing, some moving around a bit, so you will need a bit of space to move.

You might also want to have pen and paper with you. In some sessions we’ll use writing or using illustrations or mind-mapping as doorways too.

The online gatherings are an invitation to show up fully as yourself with all your curiosity and doubts, insights and questions. Everybody is welcome.

* Please note that I’m a Gene Keys affiliate and that if you choose to purchase a product through my links, I will get a commission.


Your contribution

This series is offered on the idea of a fair give-and-give.

I cannot guess neither your financial situation nor  the personal value our meetings will have for you.

So, I decided to leave it up to you to choose how much you want to contribute for participating in the Embodied Doorways into the Gene Keys sessions.

When you purchase your ticket, you can choose the amount. (If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero. That way this series is accessible to everybody.)

If you are unclear about how to choose an amount, I can offer a few starting points for your decision-making process:

  • Listen to your body. There’s no right or wrong. What would feel good to give? For a moment, stop listening to your head – there’s too many shoulds there anyways. Choose an amount that makes you feel good. That’s it.
  • How much would/are you paying for a similar offering? A 90-minute workshop, lecture, class in the field of personal development/learning.
  • If thinking about choosing your contribution already is tying knots in your head, that’s not a good thing. You can keep it simple, by choose the first number that pops into your head.


Next Step:

  • You can get your ticket here on Eventbrite.
  • Or you can transfer the amount of your choice via bank transfer
    (Daniela Razocher, IBAN AT582011182957293600, BIC/SWIFT GIBAATWWXXX) and email me to register.
  • Or you can send your contribution of choice via Paypal.me or if you have a Paypal account to email office@bodies-at-work.com.

If using bank transfer or Paypal, please be sure to add a note or mail what session you’re signing up for. It’s important for me to be able to send you get right sign-in information for the Zoom call.

E.g. Enter in the comment box or payment reference “Embodying the GeneKeys March”


Tuesday 30 March 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm CEST
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Online Zoom Call


Daniela Razocher
+43 (0)699 18810023
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