A color

A sound

A feeling

A sensation

An atmosphere

An emotion

An activity

A place

A song

Make this summer your own by adding your flavor(s) of choice!

When you know what makes you feel more present and alive, it’s easier to find those ingredients and add them to your daily life.

Sometimes one ingredient is enough. Pick a color to wear that makes you shine inside and out. Or take 5 minutes to listen to a song when you feel like it. Go to a place where you feel completely relaxed.

Other times you might want to mix up several ingredients.

It will not stay the same. It will never be the same. Every day is different, so is the cook.
Life tastes different every day (if you pay attention).


Make the recipe your own. Play around with it. Enjoy the experiment.


If you want some ingredients to play with this summer, I’m inviting you to join My Summer of Presence.

It’s 30 days filled with short, daily practices for more presence so you can be fully yourself and enjoy the season!

For more information click here.


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