What do you think?
Is leadership just a fancier word for taking responsibility?

I’ve been thinking on the subject of leadership for the last couple of months after I was invited to a panel on leadership.
Somehow, when I try to pin down what leadership means in terms of embodiment and the business context I work in (and where it is commonly used), I come up with:


  • taking responsibility for yourself (first, and then for others if it’s part of your job description)
  • trusting yourself, building confidence
  • owning your decisions

These are descriptions that, to me, are practical and something I can work on.

And another question regards the use of the prefix self-
As in: self-confidence, self-leadership, self-assurance

Isn’t this a pleonasm and can be left out when we speak about human qualities? Or is there really a way to have confidence that has nothing to do with you and your self?

I’m curious to hear what you think about the subject. Feel free to chime in!


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