When we hold on to something for a long time, it goes all the way to our core. It can pervade every cell of our being.

Letting go of ideas, fixed postures and patterns is a vital element in becoming more present and having your energy available for your goals in the now. It’s a process that requires practice. And it is good if you know where to start.


Here’s a simple way of looking at the movement of releasing:


The two directions for letting go

If you are using body-based awareness practices to learn to let go of stuff that no longer serves you, i.e. negative mindset, chronic tension or rigidity, or emotional states of stuckness, there are two ways of how you can let go.

From the outside in

In my experience, letting go from the outside in is what people can do most easily and how the movement often starts.

You might have a chronic tension in your neck and shoulder muscles, and by paying attention and keeping your focus there, you can learn to let go layer by layer.

This movement allows you to reach a deeper level of relaxation the more often you practice letting go.

From the inside out

Sometimes, you feel something is sitting deep inside of you.

No matter if it is something that you consider good or bad*, in either case to be able to tap into its energy, the movement starts from within. By giving it space to expand, you can transform it and it will serve you as a connector to the present moment and your environment.


* for the ‘good’ – you’d like to feel it fully to enjoy it more, for the ‘bad’ you might want to let go and expand with it so it can move on and become something else. The body’s movement is the same.

Listen to your body, it shows you the way


There is no rule for where the movement should begin. When you tune into your body, it will show you the way and you are invited to join the movement. And the easy way is right. You just need to follow.

Letting go is an integral element in strengthening your presence and integrity


If you would like to be in a state of alignment on a mental, emotional and physical level where your thoughts are merged with how you feel and are, I invite you to practice the art of letting go.

A simple practice
You can start with a minute of conscious breathing where your focus is on letting go of excess tension on every outbreath. 

Letting go of something old doesn’t mean your history, memory or previously acquired knowledge will disappear. It is all there, but you won’t use your energy to hold on to it. It’s an additional effort you are used to making that can be put to better use. If it is needed, you can trust that your body will provide you with whatever is needed. When you do let go of the unnecessary and inessential, more energy and headspace will become available to you in the present moment.  And that’ a gift, as Eleanor Roosevelt would say. 

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.


Both ways of letting go will bring you closer to your essence.


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