Being aware that you have a choice is an essential element to embrace your leadership has a human being.

Also knowing that when you don’t make a decision, you’ve made a decision is key to embracing your own strength and individuality. Owning your choice takes away your attention from outside triggers and factors that you cannot influence and that you might sometimes experience as overwhelming or overbearing.

On a physical level, the choice of expanding or contracting influences your experience of a situation tremendously.

Many of my clients come with the wish to learn about “setting boundaries” or “standing their ground”. In my experience and from my perspective as a body intuitive, where you set your physical boundaries in the form of tension and contraction is reflected in how you experience being in the world. 

The most basic choice we have in life is whether to expand or contract – Dan Millman

Before you even look at the dynamic that emerges between people or groups of people, the first thing you can change is your own physicality. You can choose to physically dare to take your space. And you can choose to contract. Both are choices. To be able to make that choice, you need to be aware of your own body. 

That’s where empowerment emerges from. From within yourself. 


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  1. Linda Coyle

    Great article. The concepts of expanding and contracting are very tangible. Will focus on that today!


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