The answers come from within.

You could say i’m a junkie for learning. My mind always wants to know more, understand better and figure out how everything is connected. I’m always curious, especially about how life and being human works. So I read a lot, I have a lot of conversations on this subject and I continuously learn about new approaches.

Overall, I like this state and it has helped me a lot to develop my skills and having a better life. But sometimes I have moments when I feel I have had enough and it’s time to digest or rest. And because I’m so used to the active state, it’s not so easy to put the book down or turn the computer off and give in to what my body needs.

I don’t know if I’m missing something, because I am always looking for new, exciting food for my mind. Maybe. But I also know that there is this deep curiosity and it starts from within. And the more I’m in tune with myself, the easier it is to discern between the habit of feeding myself brain food and listening to the curious me who’s really hungry for more.

This week, I’d like to share with you a quote that I discovered. And for me as a book nerd it really hit home. Listen to yourself, read the book of yourself, and how you want to be in life will intuititively follow suit.

What is your kind of food? And how do you find the balance between taking in, integrating and digesting?

If you want my support in learning how to listen to yourself and developing your own guidelines for life, join me in the upcoming one-to-one intensive “Make your own Rules for Success.” We will do a thorough potential analysis at the beginning and you’ll get different exercises to strengthen your awareness and how you can (re)connect body and mind in situations when life is busy.
It’s happening September 22-24 at Raum für Neues. If you are considering it, drop me a line and we can chat what is most suitable for you.


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