Easy is still right, right?!

After having learned a bit more about what ease means to you in a very physical way and identifying situations when you have it or when you miss it and would like to be able to access this quality, it’s time to bring the experience even more into the body.

Week #3 is all about practice. It’s about making it real and bringing the quality I focus on and want to strengthen into my bodily and felt experience.

For me, easiness comes when I feel I’m joining life in it’s movement and there is no obstacle or resistance. That is I don’t feel something blocking me that stems from an external or internal source.


To be able to activate easiness in my body, I have chosen as my practice for this week to use


Listening to music can be a strategy to anchor yourself into the present moment by fully connecting to the song. And letting your movement be inspired by the music.


The invitation extended to you for the coming week is to move with the music.

You can compare the music you choose with life. It’s something that anchors you in reality. It wakes up your senses. It might pull you in a certain direction and inspire movement you didn’t anticipate. It comes from the moment when you meet the sound.

To practice moving with ease:

  • Pick a song that has the quality of ease for you.
    One that I’ve been using this week a lot was The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Garbage
  • Put on the music.
  • Feel your body, there’s no need to move right away.
  • Tune in with the music. And when the moment arrives, let your whole body’s movement be guided by the music.
  • Minimal efforts for the movement your body needs and yearns for.
  • It’s your time and you’re choosing to move with ease to the music of life.


Et voilá, this is it for the week.

(Here’s a link to a Youtube playlist that contains some of the songs that have been on my movement playlist for the last couple of years.)

If you feel like some company on the way to ease, you can get My Summer of Presence now, either for 10 or 30 days. It consists of daily inspirations that invite more presence into your life. Check out this page to find out more.

I will also be offering an intensive weekend in late June/beginning of July.


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