Presence is a beautiful state of being.  It means being fully in the here and now.

Yet, it can also be this vague and abstract concept when you’re not in the right space. It can seem like a distant place to reach when you are stuck.

It is often said that all that matters is the here and now, that it’s about being mindful of the present moment.

So, the question is: how to I get to this place of here and now if I feel disconnected, low in energy, emotionally overwhelmed or stressed.

The first step is acknowledging the status quo. As is. Not avoiding it, not drowning in it. 

​I use two ways to look at the state of being fully present.

But first, so you know specifically what I am talking about when I say presence, here’s my current definition of it:

Presence is a state where I have my abilities and skills available in the moment so I can respond to life in an adequate way. I am present when my thinking, my emotional state and my physical being are aligned and when my perception of what’s going on inside my body and what’s going on around me are coherent.

When looking at presence, I check for two directions of alignment:

Vertically, alignment on a mental, emotional and physical level.

And horizontally, coherence of your interoception and exteroception / propioception.

(I will expand a little more on interoception and exteroception in the next blog.)

When those two axes are aligned, you experience as state of presence, you are fully yourself and you have all your abilities and skills available to be and interact with the world.


The goal my work – any one-to-one session, class or workshop –  is to share and teach embodied practices and awareness tools that support you in reaching this state.

If you want to get clarity about your status quo regarding your presence in a specific situation…

I have a reflection sheet that you can use. It will give you an idea how your presence and alignment is in a specific situation. Here is the link to the worksheet. It’s one I sometimes use in workshops.

You can use it as a reflection and description tool to note down everything you know about the situation on the three awareness levels. 

Have fun exploring! – If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch or comment. 

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  1. Roberta

    Thanks for the gift of presence❣️


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