I had an image in my head today that made me laugh. It looked kind of like the one above.

If we were shapeshifters and would grow in the places where our attention and energy resides, we’d meet many watermelon heads walking down the street. Don’t you think?

I love thinking and playing around with ideas. Sometimes, this make me heavy and full though. But thinking can also be a very physical experience as well. That’s the kind I enjoy more. In this case I’m also including the rest of my body in the process. And then there’s a flow or communication between head and body. Watermelons pop up every once in a while. They can be fun too. As long as I know not to get stuck with this heavy fruit on my head.

When do you have watermelon moments? Maybe the next time you get stuck in a thought loop, you remember this image and can laugh at yourself and move on.

PS: If you want to see and hear more things watermelon… check this out!


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