In-person get-togethers for everyBODY who cares about embodiment and considers it an essential part of personal or professional life and who would like to practice and explore various approaches in community.

the embodiment lab VIENNA …

… is an initiative inspired by the Embodiment Conference that took place online in November 2018.

The intention is to create a space where people intersted in embodiment or who consider embodiment as part of their everyday or professional lives and who would like to  practice and explore various appraoches and methods of embodiment in community and share experiences with like-minded people.

A variety of disciplines can be summed up under the umbrella of ’embodiment’, covering coaching, bodywork, movement and dance, meditation, therapy, deep ecology.

They include, for example, various breathing techniques, Alexander Technik, Feldenkrais, Grinberg Method, Pilates, Social Presencing Theater, Yoga.

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Join our Facebook-Group and connecti with like-minded people. You can share your questions and relevant information with thee community.

Do you wan to

contribute to the embodiment lab?


If you want to take an active role in the embodiment lab VIENNA, there are various possibilities:
  • Maybe you want to guide the movement or meditation sequence at the beginnen?
  • Do you want to become a guest teacheer or know someone who’d be an interesting guest teacher? 
  • Do you feel like supporting the organizational and planning side of things?

If you feel like contributing in any way or want to make a suggestion, drop me a line.

Guest teachers
& topics

Meet our guest teachers

Ana Bernardes
Ana Bernardes

Dance & Social Presencing Theater

January 2020
Getting unstuck with Social Presencing Theater

Rahel Kraft
Rahel Kraft

Voice coach & sound artist

February 2020
Vocal Roots

Natalie Trs
Natalie Trs


Oktober 2019
Anatomie erleben: Where is my brain?

Gudrun Binder
Gudrun Binder


Mai 2019
Den Dämonen Nahrung geben

Danielle Hill
Danielle Hill


February 2019
Where do you inintiate movement?

Nicola Schößler
Nicola Schößler

Alexander Technik

November 2019
Anatomie erleben: Die Teile und das Ganze

Daniela Razocher
Daniela Razocher

Leadership Präsenz

Juni 2019
Embodying Ethics intervisions format

Elisha Koppensteiner
Elisha Koppensteiner

Meditiation, Tiefenökologie

März 2019
Kohärentes Atmen

Would you like to become a guest teacher?
Sara Canini
Sara Canini

Pilates & Dance

December 2019
Experiential Anatomy: Flexible spine

Cora Hiebinger
Cora Hiebinger

Grinberg Methode, Pilates, Spiraldynamik

September 2019
Anatomie erleben: Die Schultern

Hille Beseler
Hille Beseler

Grinberg Methode, Somatic Experiencing

April 2019
Selbstregulierung des Aut. Nervensystems

Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith

Coaching & Supervision

January 2019
Social Presencing Theater

The embodiment lab VIENNA practices the principle of 

Gift Economy

Life is based on a fair give and give. And this principle is also applied to the embodiment lab VIENNA.

The events are based on the gift economy.

Both sides give voluntarily

You choose what contribution you’d like to make for attending the event and sharing the learning experience.

What you give will, among other things, cover costs for room rent, snacks and an appreciation for the guest teacher.

© Siegrid Cain

About your host

Currently, the embodiment lab VIENNA is hosted by me, Daniela Razocher.

I deeply care about contributing to healthy communities where you learn with and from each other and where individual strenghts and potentials are made available for the collective. 

For me, the embodiment lab VIENNA is a space and community.

If you want to join the team, drop me a line.