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Clarity Session

Fresh embodied input │ short-term support │getting to know each other

To get to know each other, I offer one-to-one sessions. In this first session, we together define your personal goal and explore you current situation. With these insights of the first session, I can give you a rough estimate of a sensible timeframe and intensity (intervals of sessions) for your process.



Starter package │ addressing all levels│learning DIY tools

In Asia, they say it takes a hundred days to change a habit. And in my experience this is a realistic time frame to (re)gain more agency in everyday life by knowing your physical anchors, changing your breathing pattern when stressed, and being able to navigate your emotional compass easier. You can benefit from every single session, the magic happens when you learn to slowly and steadily integrate what you experience in the session into everyday life. And as much as you’ve built habits over your lifetime so far, it also takes time to unlearn and establish new habits.


Commitment to change │ long-term support  │integration in everyday life

wöchentliche Sessions, on- oder offline


2 1/2 – 5 Tage Intensives Arbeiten an einem Fokus-Thema, 2 Sitzungen pro Tag

30-Tage ‘All you need’

This is for you if you like intensity and you want to focus our attention for a full month on one subject or situation. You can take as many one-to-one sessions as you need in this month. You will also learn exercises or get a training plan as needed and fitting to your life and schedule. Usually, clients going for this option book two sessions per week.