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Breathing for equal rights

Breathing is essential.

Today’s breathing practice is an opportunity to give enough space – not only to the lungs – but to all phases of breathing. In a way to give equal rights and importance to all phases of breathing:

The moment you inhale, the moment you hold, the moment you exhale and the moment you leave the air out.


A possible result of this political act? More freedom! And bigger lung capacity


  • sitting – relaxed and pelvis straight (sitz bones on chair)
  • arms behind your back – another trick where position supports (re)gaining space (and not having to do anything extra)



  • IN-BREATH: (silently) count to five
  • HOLD BREATH: count to five
  • OUT-BREATH: count to five
  • HOLD BREATH: count to five


Easy-peasy-right? Set your time to five minutes and you’re ready to roll.

Let’s engage in this act of equal rights!




PS: Isn’t it a special gift to pay attention to something that the body is doing for you by itself? It always makes me appreciate my body and it’s magical workings more. And sometimes it brings with it an inner knowing that this is already enough. 
What are five minutes of breathing doing for you?