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Checking in with your emotions

Emotions are like waves, they come and go. They emerge and put you in relation to the outside world. They tell you how you feel about something. They move you, figuratively and literally.

There is no good or bad emotions. The full spectrum of emotions is  important to have a rich life. Still, we have a tendency to ignore the ones we deem bad or negative.


Today’s prompt is for you to check in with your emotions.

Breathe with how you feel, no matter if your mind finds it’s a good or bad emotion. There’s a reason for it to be there. It’s always on your side, giving you a clue about how to navigate through the situation you are in right now.

Take your current emotion or mood in and expand with it.

Do you dare to swim with your emotion? Test the waters! I’m sure there’s something special waiting for you.


‒ Enjoy. All of it is you.