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Head in the clouds

Connecting with nature is to connect with yourself.

Clouds are always in movement. They are alive. They change shape – just like we do.

How much time are you giving to clouds? I discovered my love for clouds when I was living on a hill and the sky was my morning companion. Walking to work, I could overlook the city with the best-est view from the top.

Today, take five minutes of being aware of your body in a place where you can see the sky. Make time for cloud spotting.

You can also play with clouds. If you figure out how to swing on a cloud or dance with it, let me know! I’d love to try it.


Live with your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground


PS: The practice today was inspired the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. He also gave a TED talk ‘Cloudy with a chance of joy.’

PPS: I’m super happy that you’ve arrived here at Day 30. I hope you enjoyed them and that you’ll continue to use some of your favorite practices.

Be fabulous!
Much love,


PPPS: A thought on making it last. The practices will be online for 90 days. If you feel like it, you can come back to them and do them again. Or save all days somewhere for later, or remember just the one you liked the most. If you do them again, it will be different because you are different and no moment ever repeats. Life is yours for the taking! Make the most of it.