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When you get tired, rest

What do you need when you get tired?

I’m  convinced a cup of coffee is not the only answer. The answers will vary. You don’t need the same thing all the time to rest well and recuperate.

Today, take a few minutes to contemplate what you need when you get tired. Think of an average day. Is there a particular time when you feel snoozy? What do you need to recuperate energy?

Here are a few ideas:

a walk,
a stretch
some alone time,
to relax your low belly,
being away from the computer,
a few minutes of resting your eyes in the dark,…
… or a cup of coffee (I didn’t rule it out entirely).

Write down what you need when you get tired.

And today, when you have a moment of tiredness, give yourself what you need.

‒ Enjoy your minutes of rest, however they may look.

PS: Let’s briefly talk about the ‘prescribed’ five minutes of these 30 Moments of Presence.

I wrote five minutes because it’s important to have a framework. I chose five because it’s more than a moment, and because sometimes taking even a couple of minutes for yourself feels impossible. For whatever reason.

But we’re all adults here. There are no rules. You can play with whatever timeframe you feel like. You can make it a minute or you can make it ten. Hell, you can even rest for a whole hour if you like. You decide.
Everything is a choice. As long as you own it, all is well.