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Excitement bubbling up

Excitement is a nice feeling, don’t you think? It’s this warm and fuzzy nervousness in the upper belly that something new is going to happen. This feeling smells of freshness and new adventure.

Is there anything going on in your life that calls for some excitement?

Today’s invitation to you is to think of a situation that you are excited about.

Pay attention to your upper belly.

Breathe into the excitement, give it space.

And allow this energy to move up into the chest, the arms, and into the head.

Let it shower you with freshness.

PS: Excitement is a member of the fear family. The energy of this family usually moves in the same way: from the belly up in order to make you awake to what’s going on outside. Practicing to allow excitement to bubble up and spread in your body also prepares you for a more intense experience from other varieties of this kind.