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Nourish your body …
… with movement

Everything is here. Your body: head, heart, and toes. And everything in between.

This is so normal that it is easy to forget that you are your body.


And your body is moving – consciously or unconsciously. All the time.


Today, use your five minutes to nourish your body with a movement it enjoys. A stretch or a micro movement no one else might notice.

You can do it wherever you are: in the metro, at the breakfast table or at work.


If you need an inspiration to kickstart your movement, you can come back to your favorite embodied practice of the Moments of Presence so far. Do you have a favorite? (I’m curious, But you know this already. Feel free to drop me a line and share what you enjoyed best.) It might give you an idea what sparks your bodily joy.


– Movement is nourishing