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Time to play

Are you somebody who enjoys play? Playing silly games or dressing up?

I couldn’t say I am, but I love the attitude of playfulness. And having this curious feeling and enjoyment of the moment in my belly, my fingers and my chest makes me happy.

Approaching a situation or task with an adventurous spirit, not knowing what will happen, what ideas I might have and how I will get to the final result, is fun.

This is play.

Whenever you have this quality in you body, work seems easy and fluent.

Today, I invite you to get in touch with the playful side of yourself.

Wake up this feeling when you’re utterly enjoying what you are doing.

Being curious with your hands, feet and your senses.

Pick an activity that is utterly enjoyable like being on a swing. Or pick a situation and bring this attitude of play into it.

Spend your five minutes doing something just for the fun of it.


Have fun, go play.