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The power of bad

It can be fun to be bad, right!?

Feeling bad usually doesn’t feel good though.

 Let’s bring some power and clarity to this emotional subject with a super simple practice.


But first off a few lines on the subject:

Today’s prompt is a presence practice inviting you to tune your emotional compass to an emotion you probably don’t appreciate very much: annoyance or anger.

When you give space to the sensations annoyance or anger evokes in your body, it transforms into energy and power.

Maybe this is what this ‘bad’ emotion is for: to have the power to change what you don’t like.


It might even brighten your mood. Who knows? But you can find out by giving it a go.


Based on this idea, I want you to experiment with your annoyance and what it brings to your body today: Use your five minutes to get in touch with how you feel when something annoys you.


Remember a situation when you recently felt like it. Then start paying attention to your diaphragm, rib cage, upper belly.

Breathe and expand with what you feel.

How does it feel giving this emotion space in your body?


– Be a daredevil!