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Idle time

Moment #19 is dedicated to honoring non-productive time. I don’t like to call it wasting time, because it’s not wasted time. Not at all. We need time off of the subjects and tasks that we are working on to get new ideas and recharge our batteries.

Inventions often happen when people get together and enjoy off-time instead of working on solving a problem. I have my best ideas when I’m walking or doing some mundane task like washing dishes. In this time the brain makes connections it cannot come up with consciously or when under pressure.

Today, take your time to integrate information or an experience. Take your five minutes to digest – to make it your own, keep what nourishes you and to let go of what you no longer need.

Whatever you want to use your five minutes for today, be generous with yourself and idle away.


‒ Just being is enough.

PS: Even if you are not doing anything, your body is still super active:  It’s pumping blood, digesting, moving cells and loads of other things. So in a way you could say that you’re never lazy, you’re just working on invisible layers of being. For your body to be healthy and work well, idle time would be on my prescription list. I know I could do with more of it. (A lot more, really.)