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Add a pinch of presence

There are many recipes out there for the perfect morning routine, how to exercise, how to eat well, etc.

I’m always playing around with mine. And I’m sure you have your sources of inspiration. Mostly those recommendations have to do with things (e.g. what to eat), or actions (what to do first). For me, there is one magical ingredient missing.

I only recommend adding this one element to your recipe. The special ingredient called conscious presence.

Choose to be present in a routine you have in your daily life.

You don’t need to write or plan anything. You don’t need to evaluate if what you are usually doing is good or bad.

Check in with your body: don’t hold on to any thoughts, breathe fully, feel your feet on the ground and the space around you.  


Add a pinch of presence to a routine. Only for a few minutes.


‒ Enjoy the magic