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Because you can

An exciting day is waiting for you!

Your presence practice is to do something just because you can.

Your mind might want get its way trying to convince you that you can’t do something because …

…you don’t have the time for it,
…you need to take another person’s feelings into consideration, or
…because you’re not good at it.

If the mind plays up, let it be.

What is it you can do? What do you feel like doing? What single action or activity would make this day special for you?

Doing something without agenda, without reason, without purpose, without needing to do it is powerful.

Do something just because you can.




Whatever your one action is today, e.g. greeting a stranger, taking a nap, baking a cake – do. I know you can!


If your one action doesn’t fit into the five minute category, it is not a problem. (Make time or do it tomorrow or on the weekend.) But you can use your presence time for thinking about what this one thing is that will make this day special for you. Or scribble or doodle your ideas onto a piece of paper. Or feel how the idea of doing this one thing today makes you feel. (Best if you combine any of the first options with the later for full impact.)

Dare and do


PS: Are you as excited as me about this thought? Just because I can – gives so much more freedom to my actions. What an experience!