Autumn is harvest season.
So the question arises:

When we think about achieving our goals and having a good life, the focus is usually on the doing, on the active pursuit of the goal. Even if the goals are the ‚right‘ ones and achieve them, there is one crucial element missing: the celebration of the harvest. If you don’t take the time to pause, reflect, review, you might miss wonderful moments and learnings that have added to your life.

To have a good life and also balance, it is an important part of the journey to enjoy the fuits of your labour. I can say for myself, that celebrating is an art I’m not very good at. And I want to get better. So, I’ve harvested some questions from my mind that I use to contemplate and review. Here are my harvest season questions:


What has made my life fulfilling this year?

In what ways have I grown as a person?

What has made my life richer?

Have I learned anything new – about myrself, the world, life?

Which of my qualities need continuous watering to flourish?

Did I connect with nature?

In what ways have I seen the world grow and evolve?

What fruitful encounters did I have?

What can I rely on in any case?

Did I get closer to my true nature?

Have I acquired something, I’d like to let go again?

What have I completed and integrated?

What memories have landed in my harvest basket?
Which ones will you keep?

Is there anything I still need to complete this year?

And maybe most importantly:

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