“In life we acquire responsibilities, habits, possessions, relationships, needs, etc., much more readily than we discard them. This is part of the richness and enjoyment of life, but it is also part of the complexity of life.”  Edward DeBono, Simplicity

Over a lifetime we accumulate many things: experiences, memories, injuries, emotional highs and lows, postures, beliefs, loans, traditions, unfinished stories, expectations, … In addition to our direct influences we are exposed to as bodies, we now also practically inhale irrelevant information en masse through our mobile phones, digital billboards on the metro. All this adds complexity to our lives. Most of our sensory organs are overstimulated. And this can lead to a lot of noise in the head. At least that’s what I often end up with when I’ve had too much of something. Practicing to make conscious choices and letting go are two steps to creating more simplicity in your life. To be able to do those things, it good if you feel well in yourself, rested, assured.

What comes to your mind when you think of things you’ve accumulated over the years that no longer support you? What can you let go of?

If you want to take a moment, make a brief list of things you want to let go.

It’s enough to start with one thing. Whatever feels right to you is right for you. To complete experiences that got stuck or are unfinished, it’s also helpful to let go on all levels – physically, emotionally and mentally. To let go, we sometimes need external support, because it seems to hard to let go of something that has become so dear to us. It might even be a negative memory or unwanted feeling, but we’ve held on to it for so long that it can be hard to let go and dare see yourself in a new light. Showing people ways of letting go so they can become more and more themselves is a short description of my work. Guiding people in finding their essence. And letting go plays a major part in the process. If you want my help, I’m happy to provide guidance. Get in touch with me and we’ll discuss what would work best for you. For March and April, I’m having a special price for a discounted session in Vienna, Austria. You can download the voucher here.

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