I’m sure you want to make the most of your summer. Who doesn’t want to have a good time, right!? And a good summer is made up of special moments. So when your holidays start it’s tempting to want too much for the time you actually have. And if you don’t have a vacation planned, you might think it won’t be a special summer, because you’re stuck in your everyday rut.



No matter if you are travelling or staying at home, it’s in your hands to make this summer special. To make it memorable. I want to share with you a few ideas how you can make the most of your summer – how to make it your own:


#1 Make small moments count


When you want it all (and maybe right now too), getting this ‚all‘ can become an overwhelming task. Where do you start? What do you need to change to get it? Because if you didn’t have too, you’d have it already, right?

Making small moments count is a great way of getting it all by starting small. Life is made up of one moment after another after all. So why not starting with this one, or the next.

Having one good moment per day is a good thing. And if you’re already having many good moments, it means you’re adding one more. It’s always a win for you.

You can start by thinking of what one moment you’d like to experience today and see how you can make space for it. Do you need to prepare something? Or just block the time? Call a friend? Or go to your favourite café?

And it doesn’t necesarily have to be a visual image or a fixed idea who you want to spend it with or where you will be.

Simply tune in with your body  … how does it feel to be in this moment? Breathe with it and enjoy it.



#2 Give space to uncertainty


You can consciously choose to make fewer plans than you usually do this summer. By leaving some blanks in your agenda, you are making space for uncertainty, encountering the unknown – inside and outside of you.

Even if you have enough free time in your life, it’s possible that you operate in your default mode during this time. Which is fine. What you might miss though is discovering new sides of you and making new experiences. Taking short time-outs from your usual self and using this time for being yourself (and all the ways you haven’t even discovered are part of you) can be a magical experience.

And it doesn’t have to be big time slots. Granting yourself 5-10 minutes during which you step out of your usual mode and spend enjoying being present can make a world of a difference to your experience. Not sure it’s true? I dare you. Try it!


#3 Move at your own pace


In our busy lives, it’s easy to move with the speed of the crowd or the speed that you think your work requires. If you live in a hot place, maybe the summer heat helps you slow down. When you have time off or choose a moment consciously, tune in with your body and move at its own speed. It sounds super easy. And it is. But first you have to make the choice to listen.



Do you want to make this summer your Summer of Presence?

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