In preparation for the one-to-one intensive on developing your own rules for success that I’m offering in a couple of weeks, I want to share with you three guidelines that you should take into account when building your own rules.

Obviously I think that it’s important to have good rules for yourself. Rules should not beat you up or pull you down, they should be defined and built in a way that they allow you to live and use your potential and be at your best. So here’s some of the guidelines I use when building rules of success for myself and my clients:

#1 Rules need an anchor in reality.

When a rule is too general and isn’t place in a specific context, your mind might know that it is true and valuable, but it’s almost impossible to implement it or practically use it. It’s a reminder for the mind, but not for your whole body.

During the weekend, we’ll find time, place and body anchors that will make it easy and practical for you to use your potential and have the energy to do what you want and need.

#2 Rules need to work for you NOW.

Rules or guidelines can be very general. And they should be to a certain extent so that they are applicable in different situations. But they should not be too general so that you’re constantly busy with checking how they fit your goal right now. A rule can be beautiful and actually suit you, but not the you in the present moment, but the you in a year’s time when you have dealt with some roadblocks. Make sure that the rule works right now. Otherwise it’s a pretty addendum that doesn’t support you on your journey.

In some courses I’ve taken, I received so much information that after two years in I am still not at a point where some of them apply because I’m not at the stage yet where they serve me. Break it down to the essence that you need right now to stay on track. 

In the one-to-one weekend workshop, we’ll develop rules for you that work right now.
Based on them you can make changes and adapt them to your future needs. But the idea is that they help you not only in six months time, but tomorrow when you have a busy day and you want to stay on track.

#3 Rules are here to support you.

The rules I want to build and use are rules of support, encouragement and health. If you are operating according to rules that drag you down or make you feel inadequate, they are not supporting you and thus not suitable for your needs.

The rules of your life game are your rules. And as such they should serve your purpose.

Rules – at least how I use them – are rather guidelines than fixed laws. Life and your body is constantly in process and as such you cannot apply a fixed rule to any circumstance. My own guidelines are good reminders that allow me to check in with my body to see if what I’m doing is fitting for me in the situation and in relation to my goal or focus. As such, rules are variable and it doesn’t mean you fail when you don’t stick by the rule every moment of every day.
Rules are supposed to help you and be yardsticks that can help you find your own, individual path.

I hope these three key points are giving you some fresh ideas how to think of your own rules for a good life. If you want support in defining your own guidelines, you can get a free 30-minute consultation by sending me a message or get more information about the upcoming one-to-one weekend workshop „Make your own Rules for Success“.

Below you have a poster to download if you want the guidelines for good rules as a reminder.

If you already have good rules that you’d like to share, please do so in the comment box below.

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  1. Marie

    Great post 🙂 I have a rule that I start every day with a ritual where I sit down and pay attention to the state I’m in at that moment: what are my feelings? What do I notice physically? What am i busy with? Etc. Then I write it all down. Then I follow it up with asking for guidance from inside of me how to use the particular state I’m in that day. I.e. how to be, what to do etc. If I have time i also do a physical practice to cement this intension for the day in my body. All this allows me to go through my day directed from inside myself. I find that I react much less to what goes on around me. I feel calm and full of energy. It helps me be me.

    • Daniela

      What a nice way to start the day! I am alway playing around with my morning routines. I will definitely experiment with the writing bit after your suggestion! Thanks!


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