Do less, be more.


Can you believe that doing less will get you more?

more relaxation
more confidence
more connection
more results
more peace of mind
more flexibility
more rest

It’s all about letting go of what you no longer need.

And letting the body support you.

It’s always on your side.

Increasing your body awareness

Increases your ability to let go of

learned efforts that don’t serve you.

To be able to do that, it’s important to acknowledge your status quo.
That’s not always comfortable, but a reality.
You need to know where to begin
to start your journey.

You are a body at work.

Learning how you use your body and becoming more aware of how the body connects to your thinking and emotions is a simple – not always easy – and self-empowering path.

On this page, I am sharing embodied practices with you and offer body-based coaching and bodywork.
I’d be delighted to be your guide on your discovery to being more by doing less.