A retreat to relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy life

Come and spend the days around the turn of the year in Essaouira, Morocco, to celebrate yourself and the new year ahead of you – with a retreat for relaxation, recharging your batteries and enjoying life.

Essaouira is a magical place where you can feel the movement of the sea as much as the mountains nearby. It is a place where transformation and change are in the air. And the beautiful medina of the city has for good reason been named a UNESCO world heritage site. Essaouira is a place of diversity and peaceful encounters.

For us it is the ideal place to spend a some wonderful, relaxing and moving days and to reflect on what is important to you right now. During the retreat you can at once let go of old things you no longer need while making space for new experiences you want to invite into your life.


What’s waiting for you?

Morning group classes

The retreat includes a morning group class. Each day will be dedicated to another subject, quality or body area. You will learn breathing exercises as well as body awareness practices to strengthen different abilities. And we will move to music. The morning group class also offers a space for sharing what’s on your mind and what moves you with your fellow participants.

One-to-one coaching/bodywork sessions

You will have five one-to-one sessions, which will be fully dedicated to the subject of your choice so you can become more yourself. The magic of Essaouira provides the ideal environment for a purifying process of inner transformation.

Communal evenings

On three evenings including New Year’s Eve, we offer evening activities for all participants. To celebrate the new year, we have organized a dinner at the beach under the stars as well as a little surprise to inaugurate the new year.

You will stay at a nearby riad and go for a short walk to the main riad where the one-to-one sessions and the group classes will take place.

The retreat is designed in a way that you can on the one hand share this experience with the group while at the same time having a lot of me-time that so many of us need.

In the one-to-one session, you can dedicate yourself fully to a topic or quality that you’d like to accompany you throughout the following year. No matter if you are looking for more serenity, lightness or a healthy way of dealing with stress and challenges.

Between the group class in the morning, breakfast and your session, you will have plenty of time to explore the city, contemplate during a walk at the beach or for just relaxing and enjoying the lightness of being.

One-to-one sessions

During the retreat, you will get five one-to-one sessions that are dedicated to a quality or subject that is dear to your heart and that you want to foster. Within this short and intense process, you can prepare ideally for the year to come and indulge yourself.

What do you want to let go?

Einzelsitzungen sind eine gute Möglichkeit Altes und Unerwünschtes loslassen zu lernen. Du lernst still zu werden und deine Aufmerksamkeit auf das Jetzt und deine Wünsche zu richten. Du hast die Möglichkeit, tiefe Entspannung zu erfahren und körperlich, geistig und emotional zu regenerieren.

How do you want to start the new year?

Energetic, relaxed and with ease? When you are letting go of something old, you release energy for the present and the future. What personal qualities or goals would you like to strengthen and focus on in the coming year? Whatever you wish for – in the sessions we will together strengthen your power base.

Try a session before the retreat

Working together in such a personal way requires trust and mutual sympathy. To get to meet your practitioner/coach and you can make an informed decision if you’d like to go on this retreat with us, we offer you a special price of €65 for a one-to-one session. The session will take place at our center Raum für Neues in Vienna. If you are living abroad, we can have an online session via Skype or Zoom to meet.

Are you interested in joining us for the retreat or booking a get-to-know-me session, please get in touch with Anita at anita@bodies-at-work.com

Your accommodation

We have made reservations for you for the most beautiful rooms in five special riads. You can choose where you’d like to stay. Each of them has a specialty:

  • Riad with a spa
  • Riad with pool and the possibility to go surfing just outside the premises
  • Riad with special focus on its cuisine
  • Riad run by a regional musician

Selected rooms for seven nights, including breakfast.

Single or double rooms or family rooms available

Get in touch with Anita at anita@bodies-at-work.com to discuss your needs and wishes.

The main riad where Daniela and Gabriele are staying is also the riad where the group class and one-to-one sessions will take place. Your accommodation will only be a few minutes walking away from the main riad. Here are some impressions of the riads that are waiting for you:

Overview of dates


27 December 2018 – 3 January 2019


Essaouira, Morocco
The details of the riad you’ll be staying at will be communicated after your registration has been completed.


€750.00     One-to-one sessions, group classes, including rent for the treatment rooms

€590.00     accommodation including breakfast & contributions for communal evenings (all prices incl. VAT)

The costs include the following services :

  • Costs for accommodation in a riad in Essaouira, including breakfast
  • 6 morning group classes of 60 minutes
  • 5 one-to-one coaching/bodywork sessions of 60 minutes
  • Contribution for communal evening offers: cooking together with a Moroccan chef, live music evening and New Year’s Eve dinner and surprise at the beach

Apart from the communal evenings, where dinner is always included, you as a participant can design the free evenings to your liking. Dinner for those evenings is not included and needs to be organized by yourself.


Single or double rooms for  7 nights, including breakfast. If you’d like to share a double room, let us know.


Transport to and from Essaouira is to be organized independently. Currently (14 August 2018), direct return flights from Vienna to Marrakech are available for €268. An- und Abreise ist selbstständig zu organisieren.

Two weeks ahead of the retreat, all participants will get detailed information of how to get there and what options you have (bus, taxi) to get from the airport to Essaouira. In Essaouira, we will welcome you at the main riad and show you to your accommodation.

If you need help with booking your flights, we’re happy to support you. For this service a service fee of €40 applies.

About your hosts

Daniela Razocher

Daniela is an expert for body-based awarenesss coaching and stress management. With her fine antennas for subtle aspects that influence people, she guides her clients into a state of self-reliance and confidence by combining practical tools of attention and body awarness training with reflection and bodywork sessions so that body and mind are fully aligned.
For more information visit www.bodies-at-work.com

Gabriele Taschler

Gabriele is a soulful somatic coach, and her clients are witness to a simple earnest soul that is easily accessible during her sessions. When not enjoying her passion for helping her clients unlock their hidden potential, you may find Gabriele travelling, enjoying music, or exploring her own recently unlocked potential for creative writing.

Since 2014, Gabriele has been a self-employed certified Grinberg Practioner, working in Vienna, and the surrounding area. Gabriele’s undeniable honesty, trusting nature, and earnest caring for others make sessions with her undeniably unique.  Her loving kindness, faithfulness to her intuition, and fantastic sense of humor only help to encourage others to trust in themselves to discover the beauty that lives within us all, and also to learn to face the truth, and the beauty in the world around us.

Contact and video (in German): www.offen-sichtlich.at

If you have questions and want to have a more detailed talk about the retreat, what riad would best suit your fancy, get in touch with Anita:

Ready to join us? Do you feel like letting go and entering the new year with freshness in a special place?