Moments of Presence


30-days filled with five-minutes practices to bring more presence to your daily life.


Do you want to add a little magic to your everyday life? In a simple and embodied way?

Do you want to live life more fully and reconnect to your inner wisdom?

With 30 Days of Presence you will get…


5 minutes of presence for 30 days

You will receive 30 daily emails with practices of up to 5 minutes. (If you only got 2 minutes, it’s also fine.)

The idea is that you don’t have to carve out large chunks of time to create change in your life. You can start by taking a few moments every day for some fun, inspiration and movement to make it fun and easy to practice presence on a daily basis.

Every day you will receive an email with an inspiration or practice that encourages you to be fully yourself. You can choose the time of the day when you practice. You can play around with the activities and explore what brings you the most energy and presence.

The more you are yourself, the more you will enjoy the magic of the moment.

You can find more details about the 30 days on this page


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