There’s no other place to live but the present moment. In our hectic times, we are often so busy with the next meeting, project or problem, that it’s easy to forget to breathe, check in with your body and enjoy being alive.

To celebrate this year’s TedX Graz and to offer you some inspirations how you can get back to now, we have created an illustration you can use for your individual thinking process and as a reminder what makes you come back to yourself and the now. Enjoy!


Picture credits: ThinkVisual

We’re excited to be part of this year’s TedX Graz event.

Gabriele and Daniela will be present and create some space where you can breathe, digest the ideas and inputs from the fantastic speakers of this year’s event so you can absorb and integrate what you like and make it your own.

We will breathe, move and have fun together. See you there!