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Think in possibilities

Any subject coming to mind after reading this quote?

Today’s moment is for contemplation.

What is it you usually say to yourself or think about yourself that limits you? Does it have to do with how you look, your smarts, your willpower or insecurities?

Write down what comes to your mind.

Afterwards turn one limiting thought into a possibility. Find a new phrase that opens up possibilities instead of solidifying something old that you no longer need in your life to know or think about yourself.

(I don’t want to give examples so that it doesn’t turn into a mathematical equation and mechanical exercise. Think how you can phrase the subject from a point of view of possibility. Anything goes.

Helpful pointers: formulate it positively (no negation) and in present tense.

‒ You choose the box of your thinking


PS: While you rewrite, feel all of your body and wake up the sensation of possibilities that lie within you.